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Product Details

Product Details

  • Vit s Fresh Ramen (3 packs)

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    RM 4.90


    a) Welcome to Vits Noodles where we strive to provide our customers an array of products that satisfy demand for quality and efficiency.

    b) Buy our products from Shopee Mall in a worry-free manner as we guarantee 100% authenticity.

    c) Shopping can t get any easier than this, so start today.

    d) To the famous question. What to eat There is no better choice than some smooth, firm and tender ramen that warms your soul as you slurp. They exist for a reason – your pure satisfaction.

    e) Wheat Flour, Water, Modified Starch, Wheat Gluten, Salt, Egg White Powder, Vegetable Oil, Acidity Regulator (E270, E296), Food Colouring (E102).

    f) Vits Fresh Ramen in 150 grams packaging suitable for your cooking


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