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Product Details

  • CNY Biscuit 年饼 Signature puff rice cracker 招牌香脆米香饼/ Bee Pang (HALAL) [Homemade] 300gm++

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    不添加防腐剂 homemade纯自制


    sugar低糖插入 Sales热卖 

     招牌香脆米香饼 ⌟

    现在可以预订了, 请在提货前至少两天下订单 好看,好吃,送好礼物,马上请我下订单 




    Homemade Pre-orders for the cookies we made are finally open

     Let me briefly introduce our biscuit cookies 

     Cookies with high value (cookies) 

    No added preservatives 

     Purely homemade  Freshly baked  Low sugar inset 

    Hot Sales ⌜Signature puff rice cracker 

    Pre-orders are now open, Please place your order at least two days before pick-up Good-looking, delicious, give a good gift, immediately ask me to place an order BakeNbitesEnterpirse Cookies Homemade

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